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Over the years the school has taken great pride in the number of opportunities that we make available to our students. Our extra curricular and extended curriculum is notable and a whole range of exciting and innovative projects have been offered.

On Tuesday 16th October we were able to reveal, via two spectacular assemblies, that we have been fortunate enough to team up with Universal Music UK Ltd to allow QPCS students to enter the ‘App Factor’, a competition to design and develop a music app. The successful entrants will work will professionals to develop their product to a commercial standard which will be launched by Universal Music. I would like to thank Mr O’Donnell for bringing this wonderful opportunity to our school and I genuinely look forward to the results which will be judged via a ‘dragon’s den’ format at the Universal Music offices towards the end of this term. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Take a look on http://http: www.umusic.co.uk/umusic-blog/appproject

Mr Hulme - Headteacher

Wednesday, 7th November saw an amazing event in the school hall. QPCS had another App factor event that inspired everyone involved. Having had over 300 students apply to compete in the App Factor competition following the exciting launch last month, we held a skills workshop involving the following wonderful professionals:

Paul Smernicki: Lead employee of all digital activities for Universal Music
Ben Scarr: A&R Manager forIsland records and responsible for discovering Tynchy Strider
Olivia Hobbs: Digital Campaign Manager at Universal Music Group
Noam Sohachevsk: Our returning inspirational App designer and founder of Mint Digital.

Over 100 students that had entered the 2nd round of the competition enjoyed a Question and Answer session with the panel of industry experts . The students grilled the panel and really explored the opportunities the panel was so willing to share.

The competition is still running and I encourage students to check the Fronter Blog on a regular basis where there is a lot of advice and future events will be advertised.

Following a superbly educational 90 minute session Paul Smernicki commented that “I did a session at Oxford University last month and their questions were not a patch on those of your students.” I was pleased to hear this and rightly delighted with the students but slightly disappointed with our alumni and will be in touch with the Oxford branch of the Old Queens and tell them to raise their standards.
MrDrummond - Assistant Headteacher

Extract from QP Newsletter 19/10/12
Many of you have been speculating as to the meaning behind the teaser campaign involving the A and the star. Well now you know. In promoting Fronter and Enterprise, the Business and ICT teams are collaborating to run an app-design competition which we are calling 'App Factor'. The competition was launched on Tuesday with two assemblies with support from a professional app designer, Noam Sohachevsky (Co-founder and Innovation Director at Mint Digital) and Universal Music. Brian Rose (Managing Director, Commercial Division, Universal Music UK) led the assembly explaining how Universal will support the school with advice, workshops, training and great prizes. This was followed by some expert advice from Noam about how to go about the process of creating an app.

We then had a live performance from Pixie Lott and Tinchy Stryder singing their no.1 hit Bright Lights, before holding a Q&A session with Ms Parekh, during which Pixie told us how her favourite subject at school was English (after Music, Drama and Dance) and Tinchy received the seal of approval by choosing Maths. He then went on to say QPCS must have some special Maths teachers because it wasn’t popular in his day. Quite right Tinchy! And not just Maths either.....

As I write this over 220 students have signed up to participate in the App Factor which is ever so exciting. You can keep up to date with all developments and news by logging onto the App Factor Fronter page regularly and enjoy the whole process of coming up with an idea, working with the software and then pitching to a panel of experts if your work is good enough. Good luck everybody with the competition I hope we all learn lots and really enjoy the whole experience.

After school on Monday 22nd October there is a drop in session for any app factor contestants who want to discuss their plans. This will be with Mr Drummond in P202. Remember to keep checking the Fronter page regularly for updates, extra information and to use the question button if needed.

It is worth noting that the winning App will be developed by Universal and all rights (i.e. profits) will go to the App creator.

Mr Drummond – Assistant Headteacher

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