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Co-operative Trust Academy status

Extract from Queens Park Newsletter - No.6 25/5/12

The formal consultation about the proposed conversion to a Cooperative Trust Academy ended this week with the meeting of the Full Governing Body of our school on Tuesday, 22nd May. The results of the staff and parental ballot were considered at length along with feedback from the school council and a further letter from the representatives of the joint teaching unions. For your information the result of the staff ballot was a majority in favour of conversion. The parental ballot indicated a majority NO vote by those parents who did return a ballot paper (432 papers returned which is 31% of the eligible cohort – 221 voted No and 196 votes Yes with 15 invalid papers) As a result, the Governing Body have issued the following statement on the matter:

“At a meeting of the Governing Body on 22nd May 2012, a resolution was passed in favour of converting the school to a Co-operative Trust Academy. Governors will meet again before September to ratify conversion. If the anticipated benefits fail to materialise or a viable alternative presents itself, ratification need not take place.”

I will of course keep all parents updated on the progress of the application and further matters arising.
Mr Hulme

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