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The Media has affected what most teenagers and women think about how their bodies are, how they look and their body shape. This puts pressure on teenagers, as they feel they don’t fit into “society” and what their standards may be. Should airbrushing be banned?

According to Yahoo News “We find that although younger girls are exposed to many different types of media and images, these younger girls are not usually able to tell the difference between normal photographs and air-brushed images. This means that over time, young women are increasingly seeing and comparing themselves with images which are neither realistic nor authentic.” This suggests that airbrushing is so perfectly done, that not many people would notice that it has been airbrushed, because they haven’t seen the actual picture. Moreover, women and younger girls still compare themselves to other celebrities and models from magazines and posters.

Airbrushing is a powerful tool from Photoshop; it completely changes the actual real image, to a different edited image. This builds up more inscrutability for women, and their bodies. For younger girls, it’s always about being glamorous, looking good and trying to impress.

However, advertisers would say, it’s a clever way for products to be sold, and to attract the target audience they are aiming at. When it comes to advertising, models are usually hired for the purpose to sell the product and being “Photo shopped” is probably some part of their contract. Also, retouching and photo editing is supposed to make the look of the model attractive, so it is able to sell the product. The models face will usually have to be the image of perfection and beauty to interest a reader to pick up a magazine, thinking that the content will be related to the cover image of beauty.

However, would you buy a product from an advert where the model is looking flawless, and has great skin due to airbrushing techniques? Or where it shows the true beauty of someone, and that there should be no reason to change, and to just accept how they look?

By Krisna

Last Updated: 15-03-2012 14:15

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