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Jack Petchey Achievement Awards at QPCS

Established in 1999, The Jack Petchey Foundation gives grants to programmes and projects that benefit young people aged 11-25. Since it has been established the Foundation has awarded grants totalling over £65million. The Achievement Award Scheme aims to enable schools, colleges and youth organisations to recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of their young people. Jack Petchey wants young people to raise their aspirations, believe in themselves and make a contribution to their society.

Achievement Awards are designed to recognise a wide range of achievement. It is not just about being clever, or gifted, but about putting the effort in and doing your best.

View Jack Petchey’s website for more information: www.jackpetcheyfoundation.org.uk

Jack Petchey News
QPCS has been running the Jack Petchey Award Scheme for the past six years.

Jack was born in East London in 1925. He left school at 14 with no qualifications. He worked as an office boy before joining the Fleet Air Arm in 1943 during the Second World War. Jack became a solicitor’s clerk after the war. When he tried applying for promotion, he was told he was “not management material”. Jack left and set up his own car hire business. It proved so successful that he expanded it and ended up going into other businesses.

By the 1990’s, he was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Britain. Jack set up his charity, the Jack Petchey Foundation to give something back to society. Each month one of our students achieves a Jack Petchey Award - £200.00 to spend on a school initiative of their choice.

Voting boxes in which to post your nominations are located in the Library, at Pupil Services and our new reception.
Ms Rees
(QP News 3/10/14)

2014/15 Award Winners

2013/14 Award Ceremony - February 2015

I was delighted to attend the prestigious Jack Petchey awards ceremony at the Brent Civic Centre on Tuesday 3rd February. The awards are given to a select number of students each year across all of the borough secondary schools who have excelled and achieved in a number of ways. I am delighted to say that nine QPCS students were acknowledged on the evening.
Mike Hulme - Headteacher

2013/14 Roll of Honour

Jack Petchey Speak Out - Queens Park News No.3 24/01/14
In the Autumn, twenty five Year 10 students took part in the Jack Petchey speak out. The aim of the day was to teach students the techniques of public speaking and by the end of the day each of the participants had to give a speech on something they felt strongly about. All the students delivered interesting and passionate speeches but there were some outstanding performances from Hilton, Stella, Adelaide and Matilda.

On Monday, 28th January the Brent final was held and Queens Park was represented by Adelaide. 16 Brent schools competed and I am delighted to say that Adelaide came third! The subjects of the speeches ranged from depression to the secret of success. Adelaide’s speech tackled the subject of homophobia and her poise, clarity and passion clearly impressed the judges. It was a great evening! Well done Adelaide! If you want to see Adelaide’s performance, visit The Jack Petchey Speakers Website.
Ms Hook

2012/13 Award Ceremony - February 2014

It was my pleasure to attend the annual Jack Petchey awards ceremony once more and to celebrate the nominated students receiving praise for their excellent contributions to the life of our school. The Jack Petchey foundation is a national organisation which recognises the positive achievements of young people. In Brent the vast majority of secondary schools participate and each award winner is nominated by their peers via a monthly voting system. The students are able to donate their award money back into the school to fund extra facilities or individual items to maintain the positive ethos of progress, achievement and constructive engagement.

The foundation also acknowledges school staff who have made a significant and long-lasting contribution to raising standards and contributing to student well-being. This is called the Leadership Award and is again voted on by the students in the school. I am delighted to announce that Mr Moore (Deputy Head of the English Faculty) was nominated and awarded for his exceptional and long lasting contribution to the school. The Jack Petchey Foundation and award scheme is an excellent method of recognising and celebrating achievement and endeavour in schools and we will continue to participate in the programme. I would like to thank Ms Rees (Assistant Headteacher) for continuing to co-ordinate the programme.
Mr Mike Hulme

2012/13 Roll of Honour

2011/12 Award Ceremony

Each year the Jack Petchey Foundation recognises a number of students and staff within Brent Schools at a prestigious awards ceremony. On Wednesday 23rd January 2013, QPCS students and a colleague received their award from the Mayor and were recognised for their contribution to the life of our school community. Several students proudly took to the stage and were recognised for their achievements and Mr Hammond, who was voted by the students and staff, gained rightful recognition of his inspiring teaching, leadership and exceptional dedication. The ceremony rightly highlighted the amazing achievements of the students and staff across the Local Authority and I was immensely proud to see the large number of QPCS representatives featured. Well done to everyone.
Mr Mike Hulme

2011/12 Roll of Honour

2010/11 Award Ceremony

It was my absolute pleasure to attend the annual Jack Petchey Award Ceremony on Thursday 10th November at the Brent Town Hall.

The Jack Petchey awards are given to students and staff who have been recognised as making a significant contribution to the life of our school. The award winners are nominated by their peers on a monthly basis and one member of the school staff is nominated by all on an annual basis. The event is splendid with plenty of celebration and ‘razzmatazz’. Awards go to all Brent schools and I was particularly proud of our student winners and our staff winner, Ms Guiltenane, Finance Officer, for their recognition of outstanding contributions to our school community. Well done to all!

It was also great to see the QPCS Jazz Band performing at the event demonstrating musical excellence and a confident and professional public performance to the large audience.

Mike Hulme

2010/11 Roll of Honour


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