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Curriculum Enrichment at QPCS

At QPCS we believe that your academic study should be accompanied by activities and opportunities that broaden your experience, raise your aspirations, engage your interests and which are fun! For most students Wednesday afternoons are available for curriculum enrichment opportunities; if you take a course that is timetabled on Wednesday afternoons you will be supported to participate in enrichment activities at other times.

Opportunities in 2014/2015 included:

  • Career Ready

  • Computer Engineering BTEC L2

  • First Aid course

  • Theatre Visits

  • Debating

  • Working with Children in Local Primary Schools

  • Volunteering in local voluntary organisations

  • Photography

  • Football (competitive and recreational)

  • Netball (competitive and recreational)

  • Duke of Edinburgh

  • Table tennis

  • Kitbox

  • FutureLearn on-line courses

  • Visits to a variety of places of cultural, historical and political interest around London, including:

Houses of Parliament
The British Library
Freud’s House
The Inns of Court
The Old Bailey
The Tate Gallery
The British Museum
The National Portrait Gallery
Keats’ House

  • Residential Opportunities: Cern Large Hadron Collider, Ski Trip, Languages Trip, Media Trip Music Festival.

Contact: Stephanie Fuller, Johnny Hammond and Alison Hook

Pursuing enrichment at Salusbury Primary School has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding. It has improved both my communication skills and my commitment.
Marley - Year 13

Mentoring year 7 students has been rewarding, educational and inspiring. It has helped me improve my social skills … and allowed me to mature as a sixth former.
Danielle - Year 12

Career Ready at QPCS

Career Ready is a programme that will run alongside your advanced courses. It includes Wednesday afternoon classes in employability skills, guru lectures and educational visits. This is complemented by ‘real business experience’ including a six-week paid internship and one-to-one mentoring which will enhance your higher education and career prospects. Career Ready offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a big name company on your CV and UCAS form.

Up to 15 students can be in the programme at QPCS. Successful applicants will meet the following criteria:

  • An excellent attendance, punctuality and work record

  • Ability to undertake a paid internship in London for the last 2 weeks of the summer term AND the first 4 weeks of the summer holiday (with no exceptions)

  • Readiness to engage fully in the “Partners in Business” programme; academy students are allocated a mentor from the business world who they will meet with regularly.

QPCS is the only school in the borough that offers Career Ready.

How do students get onto the Career Ready programme?
Students will need to apply to the programme as if they are applying for a real job. They will need to fill in an application form and will then be interviewed in Central London.

Contact: Jayne Llewelyn

Comments from recent Career Ready interns and their employers:

“I was really proud of seeing the work I did being used by everyone in my department”

“Saamia was being given really important tasks, because people clearly thought she could do them”
JP Morgan

“The main project I had was something I carried from start to finish. I thought of the idea and was so proud to see it being put into practice”

“The value of what Jamilah delivered to us is tangible – these weren’t made up projects”
Lloyds TSB Bank

BTEC Computer Engineering Level 2 Award
The National BTEC Award in Computer Engineering is a UK Nationally recognised qualification in Computer Assembly, Repairs and Maintenance. Students will have the opportunity to physically build and repair PCs. It is broadly equivalent to 2 GCSEs. It is worth 7 UCAS points.

The course runs on Wednesday afternoons so can be taken alongside advanced level or level 2 courses. You will need to have successfully completed GCSE ICT. If the course is oversubscribed we will conduct interviews. Students will be selected based on their interest, experience and aptitude.

The course is made up of five modules:

Unit 1: PC Assembly
Unit 2: PC Maintenance
Unit 3: Hard Drive Configuration
Unit 4: Communications
Unit 5: Backups and Storage

The students are assessed with one paper which they can sit whenever they are ready, with 2 weeks notice. The BTEC course is run by “KanduIT” (Hull University) and accredited by Edexcel.

Contact: Shayan Akhgar

“The course is great, I go in clueless and come out feeling like a genius! The course is hands-on and I can use what I learn to build my own computer … and help repair my friends”
Liam - Year 12

“I never thought I would be able to build a computer … it was great fun and I got a qualification”
Michael - Year 13

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