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The majority of our students are taught in mixed attainment, mixed gender tutor groups. We aim to maximise opportunities for utilising different teaching and learning styles to raise attainment and accommodate the needs of all our learners.

For all groups, raising the attainment of the students is our priority.

The school has eleven areas of learning, each of which is led by a senior member of staff.

Art & Design Technology

English - English and Media Studies

Performing Arts - Drama, Music

Languages - French, Spanish

Humanities -History, Geography, Sociology, Religious Education, Citizenship




Information Communication Technology

Physical Education

Personal Development - PHSCE, Citizenship, Careers, Work Related Learning

Each faculty has a specialist suite of rooms grouped together in order that teachers can work and plan in teams. This improves the quality of lessons offered to our students. Homework is set regularly. The emphasis on homework is a significant factor in our students’ academic success and parents are asked to involve themselves in this aspect of the school’s work.

All children from 11-16 follow a balanced programme of study which fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum and leads mainly to GCSE exams. Students in Years 10 and 11 continue to follow a broadly common curriculum in the expectation that this will provide them with the maximum choice of progression routes.

In Key Stage 3 classes are taught predominantly in mixed-attainment groups. This encourages teachers to view students as individuals and set them work appropriate to their current level of attainment. Under this system high attaining youngsters can be moved on to advanced work much more quickly, whilst those who from time to time are struggling, are set work which is structured to their needs. We have an exciting programme of opportunities for able and talented students.

In Key Stage 4 the “tiering” of some GCSE subjects means that students need to be grouped according to the tier of the exams they will be sitting.

Summary of the Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Years 7-9 follow a common curriculum for three years:-

English; Mathematics; Science;

Humanities - (Geography, History, Religious Education and Citizenship)

Art; Design & Technology - (including Food Technology and Textiles)

a Modern Foreign Language - French (2016/17)
*Students who do well in Languages in Year 7 are able to study Spanish as an additional language in Year 8.

Performing Arts - (Drama and Music)


PSHCE - (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Enterprise Education)

ICT -(Information and Communication Technology)

In Key Stage 4 the “tiering” of some GCSE subjects means that students need to be grouped according to the tier of the exams they will be sitting.

Summary of the Key Stage 4 Curriculum

All Year 10-11 students follow a curriculum leading to examinations after two years in:-

English Language & Literature



Science - Core & Additional Science or Triple Science

Plus 3 'Options'
Art, Music, Drama, PE, Media Studies, Business Studies, Sociology, History, Geography, ICT, French, Spanish, Graphics, Textiles, Food Technology, Product Design, Electronics, Computing, ASDAN, Option Support, Vocational courses in conjunction with College of North West London.

In addition, all students continue to take PE and ICT. PSHCE becomes a cross-curricular subject taught in both tutorial time and some subject lessons.

The Pattern of the School Day effectively supports this curriculum.

For more information about the Curriculum please click on the side headings.

Please note: this reflects our current curriculum offer. It may well change in the light of government requirements.

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